Red Hot and Blues is our weekly exploration into the world of blues and soul – and anything that’s hot! Tune in for a groovy, retro-fabulous, fun-filled two hours of obscure musical gems.

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Gareth Harries A music fan since a very early age, he was often seen donning a Fred Perry and two tone trilby trying to mimic Suggs at the age of seven, once even writing to Jim ‘ll Fix it for the opportunity to dance with the man himself. It is this brush with Ska that woke him up to the resurgence of the mod movement and in turn soul music and rhythm and blues.

In the early noughties he was DJing at the Big Chill festival under the moniker of Sh*t Bob or with the truly lavish Armitage Shankz Soundsystem, always rocking a party whether it be with sevens of soul, chunks of electro, or titbits of techno. By day Gareth holds down an office job, while dreaming of music, liquor and chillies.

Melodious Gee wandered into an SCR barbecue last Summer and liked the gathering so much she decided to get involved. Despite on and off-air flattery, she swears she’s simply an amateur music lover with a fear of Thursday evening television! She brings an endearing ignorance of many mainstream popular music genres to the airwaves, but comes into her own when it comes to rooting out obscure 1970s and 80s soul, rare groove, funk, a splash of Latin and even a soupçon of jazz. Afrobeat has piqued her interest of late, but that’s another story… as are the Jazz Wars!

When questioned as to her favourite artists, she is said to have laughed, ordered a bottle of Malbec and asked when the pub was closing…

– Album of the Week
– The Birthday Trio – Melodious Gee celebrates the birthdays of legendary blues and soul artists.