Chris Humphris is a self-confessed radio addict. After first getting into radio here at SCR in July 2010, he has gone on to present and produce radio content across a variety of community, student and professional radio stations since, going on to work as Head of Training for Insanity Radio 103.2 FM in Surrey and editing travel information for various media outlets. He studied history at Royal Holloway as a student, but isn’t really planning on doing anything with that degree, he says.

At SCR, Chris is one half of The Chris and Carly Show – the other being comedian Carly Smallman – on Sunday afternoons, looking at comedy in south London and generally taking an alternative perspective to life. Having grown up listening to the likes of Geoff Lloyd and Nick Abbot, sarcasm dominates much of what Chris says on and off the air – if you feel one of his rants are aimed at you, don’t take it personally.

Don’t be fooled by the amount of modern music Chris plays on the show – he may seem ‘down with the kids’, but outside of the studio you’ll often find him rocking out to The Who or reliving the Britpop music of his childhood. Away from radio (he does do other things, sometimes), he drives a very old and very purple car that he doesn’t like much, and endures the constant annoyance of people misspelling his surname (note it down now so you don’t upset him…)