Going to See Wicked on the Westend!

Wicked at the Apollo Victoria.
Wicked at the Apollo Victoria.

We at Sydenham Radio love ourselves some music and performing arts.  One of our favorite ways to enjoy the arts is with musicals, but unfortunately we aren’t close enough to pick up a pair of Broadway tickets on a Saturday night, but we do have a close enough alternative, i.e. West End in London.  Thankfully this has been the home to one of the biggest selling and most popular musicals to date in all of England, i.e. Wicked the Musical.

For those that don’t know, Wicked the Musical is a retelling of the story of Oz, a prequel of sorts.  It tells the story of the two witches of Oz, and it does so in a very intriguing and subversive way.  We won’t give out too many spoilers here (we will try to keep the commentary to theater critic levels), but it’s a very good story, and its success speaks to that fact.

We are happy to say that a team from the station is going to be seeing Wicked next week.  We plan on putting together an epic post that will feature pictures, reviews, discussions and chat between our team members as to what they thought of the play.

We’ve only heard good things about this, so if you’ve got the time and a bit of money I think you should go ahead and check out Wicked on the Westend. If you are located across the pond or elsewhere you can try to get tickets to the Broadway showing by clicking here, or else they also have an American tour that goes to various cities and countries.  You can check their website for more details on that.

That’s all for now.  Just wanted to put a little teaser out there to prep all our listeners, readers/viewers for some great content that coming in the next few weeks.  I hope everyone will enjoy it!

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